Ways lingerie is becoming more inclusive

The sustainability of most fashion brands depends on whether their products are inclusive or not. Fashion is one of the few industries that affect everyone, but not all identities are represented. Consumers are beginning to demand more representation of diversity and savvy fashion brands are hearkening.


If you are shopping for an underwear and you want to patronize a place where you can be sure you can get something nice for you, you should consider patronizing MyMuse. However, you should first know what other Norwegians that have bought from them are saying about them on norskeanmeldelser.no before you do. Here are ways fashion brands are making lingerie  more inclusive:

Stopped using the term “plus” size

A lot of lingerie retailers use the term, ‘plus’ size to refer to people who are not slim and slender. This makes robust consumers feel their body size is not standard as it should be. However, this is ironic because there is no ideal size or body shape in the world. Variety is the spice of life, as not everyone can be slim. Some fashion brands do not specifically name their lingerie again. They use the term ‘sizes’ to refer to everything in the lingerie range, irrespective of their different shapes and sizes.

Using physically-challenged models

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the no or little use of physically-challenged models in the industry. It looks like most brands choose to go for models who have no physical challenges, yet they sell their products to both physically-challenged and non-physically-challenged people. Inclusivity and body positivity is the new pillars for sustainability in fashion, and brands have started keying into that. There are now physically-challenged people who model lingerie and other fashion items.

Making lingerie for women who have a physical limitation

Most lingerie requires that both hands be used when wearing them. As such, people with injuries and other physical limitations find it difficult to wear lingerie without assistance. For instance, a woman who just had a C-section can struggle to put on her underwear. As such, fashion brands have now made lingerie that is perfect for women who cannot independently run their daily routines. This set of lingerie can be put on or taken off while sitting, laying down, or standing. They are available in different colors and cuts to appeal to different tastes, and are breathable and soft.

Making lingerie that conforms to different sizes

There is no one-size-fits-all template when it comes to lingerie. Different women have different sizes. For instance, most brands often use size templates for making bras but this does not work for everyone. As varied as they try to make their bras, not everyone finds their perfect fit. This is why some brands use real women’s measurements to make their bras and even provide educational resources to help their customers. bras now come in half-cup sizes with memory foam so that they can conform to each person’s unique shape.

Making period-free, leakproof underwear

The fashion industry is erasing the stigma around menstrual periods and making period care sustainable by providing reusable period underwear. The underwear is leakproof and the wearer doesn’t need to wear a pad or tampon, whether the flow is light, medium, or heavy.  It is breathable and stylish too. As such, many women can experience convenience while they are on their periods.

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